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How to Recover From Winter - Spring Home Maintenance

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The winter weather can cause havoc to your home and some home maintenance repairs may be necessary before spring arrives. The snow, freezing temperatures, and ice can be rough on your home and spring is a great time to evaluate the damages from the cold season. Foy Agency Insurance offers homeowners insurance to help cover damages and the cost to repair them. Here are some tips on spring home maintenance and how to recover from winter.

Roof and Attic
If your roof is leaking water into your home, chances are the attic needs repairs done as well. Patch up the area on the roof that needs repairs and check for any condensation in the attic where a leak happened. Any condensation left in your attic can cause mold or wood rot. All rotted wood will need to be replaced. Contact an insulation contractor to help you fix the problem. By insulating your home properly, this will bring heating costs down because the new insulation will keep the hot air from going into the attic. If you are still in need of homeowners insurance, Foy Agency Insurance can help you.

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You might have experienced a cold draft coming in from one of your windows during the cold months. This cold draft could be from a bad seal around the window which could result in letting water into your home when it rains causing damage. If you experienced a chilly draft, check the seal to see what is letting the cool air in. If the seal can’t be fixed, it’s time to replace the window. Basement windows let water and air in as well so be sure to check those. If water is being let in or it is drafty, these windows need to be replaced immediately so mold doesn’t grow.

Frozen or Leaky Pipes
We all fear that moment when we hear a slow drip from the ceiling from a frozen or leaky pipe. A leaky or frozen pipe can cause major water damage or even flooding inside your home so now is a great time to check and patch any holes. If you experience frozen pipes or fear your home isn’t insulated enough, Foy Agency Insurance offers homeowners insurance so you are covered in the future.

Take advantage of the spring weather and get these repairs taken care of. Contact Foy Agency Insurance for all your homeowner’s insurance needs at 315-493-2391 or visit our website to learn more.