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How Worker’s Compensation Benefits Employers and Employees

How Worker’s Compensation Benefits Employers and Employees

When you think about a day at the office, you probably consider what you can reasonably cross off on your always growing to-do list. What you may not worry about, at least on a frequent basis, is how you can ensure that you are always protected from harm or injury.

Any number of accidents can happen in the workplace, even in a traditional office setting. There’s no telling how something seemingly simple could prove to be dangerous to you and your co-workers. If an accident were to occur that resulted in serious injury, this impacts not only your physical and mental well-being but also your earning potential over a long period of time.

That’s where worker’s compensation comes into the picture. The Balance Small Business defines worker’s compensation as insurance that is paid by a business to provide benefits to their employees should they become ill or injured while on the job. Through this program, workers receive medical benefits and care. On the other hand, an employer can rest easy knowing that an injured worker will not unjustly sue them. In other words, with worker’s compensation, both the employer and the employee are expecting the unexpected, guaranteeing that you are protected, both from a personal and financial standpoint.

While most companies and their valued workers understand these basic benefits that worker’s compensation coverage offers, few know about the extended benefits it provides. Poms & Associates explains that proper worker’s compensation also covers vocational liability coverage (or coverage during employee training periods), occupational illnesses and conditions (if a respiratory illness has been contracted due to the work performed) , and special add-on coverage (this can cover subcontractors and coverage for unusual circumstances such as disability or injury resulting from a terrorist attack).

When it comes to understanding the ins and outs of how your worker’s compensation coverage protects you, trust your friends and experts at the Foy Agency. Built on integrity since 1950, we would be honored to assist you to get the best possible protection. Contact our corporate office at 315-493-2391 or visit us in person at 3997 Deer River Road.