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Road Trip? Don’t Forget the Insurance

Road Trip? Don’t Forget the Insurance

Whether you’re headed to the beach or mountains, craving urban excitement or rural calmness, spending time with family or friends – summer is the perfect time to make memories, hop in the car, and take a road trip.

Any road trip requires preparation. Planning an itinerary (somewhat), getting your vehicle serviced, creating a playlist on your smartphone, stocking up on snacks, packing clothes and accessories for your adventure are all essentials of a pre-road trip ritual. However, even though you’re traveling by motor vehicle, checking your insurance policy is often overlooked.

Before you put the keys in the ignition and head toward the open road, follow this advice to avoid any roadblocks.


If your journey is taking you out of state, check to see if your liability limits and coverage is sufficient. In most cases, your insurance liability and insurance will be covering you and your companions across state lines. Additionally, travel within the United States, its territories, and Canada is covered by all major insurance companies.


Chances are you will be sharing driving duties throughout the course of the road trip. If you are the owner of the vehicle, you’re covered by your insurance. What if someone drives your vehicle or you drive theirs? As long as permission has been granted by the owner, the coverage is valid. In the (unfortunate) event of an accident when driving someone’s else’s vehicle, the owner’s insurance would pay for any damages, followed by the insurance of the driver at the time of the accident. Additionally, anyone occupying the vehicle is also covered.

Roadside Assistance

Newer vehicles often have included this when purchased, as do major financial institutions including Chase and American Express. If neither of these is an option, considering getting supplemental insurance from an outside party such as AAA. Better to be covered than stuck on the side of the road.

Rental Coverage

Upgrading to a convertible or 4×4 SUV for your adventure? Check to see if your insurance liability is enough to cover the purchase price of a rental. If your liability coverage is $25,000 and the rental is worth more than that, you are responsible for the difference. Best practice would be to buy extra rental insurance.


Don’t forget to keep your insurance documentation in your vehicle (or the vehicle you’re driving), just in case.

Once you’ve completely the checklist, it’s time to hit the road for your great adventure. Safe travels!

The Foy Agency Insurance is an independent insurance agency providing peace of mind and personalized service to automobile and motorcycle owners since 1950. We represent numerous insurance companies, allowing us to match insurance products and coverage to meet, and often exceed, the needs of our clients.

Get in gear and contact us to schedule your pre-road trip insurance policy review today!